Skylight Installation & Repair

Whether you’re ready to install skylights for the first time or need skylight repair, we understand you want the job done right.

Attractive, functional skylights are an excellent way to boost aesthetic appeal, reduce energy costs, and add natural light to your home or business. However, skylights can cause pesky roofing issues if they aren’t installed correctly, like interior water damage, poor insulation, and high energy bills.

At Fasten-Pro Roofing, we install premium products that lead to stunning results, so you can be confident you will enjoy the benefits of your beautiful skylights in your Cincinnati area property for decades to come.

Cincinnati Skylight Installation


Well-situated skylights highlight the best features of any room.


Skylights access natural sunlight, which reduces electricity usage and greenhouse gas emissions.


Well-insulated skylights lower the cost of electric and heating bills by improving indoor sun exposure and cross-ventilation.


Thorough, professional installation and skylight re-flashing prevents leaks and water damage—keeping your skylights beautiful for years to come.
Cincinnati Skylight Installation

Skylights for Your Home

Invite more sun into your home with beautiful, eco-friendly skylights.

From your kitchen to your living room, our roofers can help you determine the perfect place to install skylights in your home roofing system to maximize light exposure while minimizing energy costs.

Cincinnati Skylight Installation

Be Proud of Your Residential Skylights for Years to Come!

We’ll help you protect your home with a durable roofing system that gives you peace of mind for years to come.